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“Augustinuscollege” Groningen

School surrounded by greenery

The Augustinus College in Groningen, during the new housing project, seized the opportunity to also design a different education. All pre-vocational secondary education courses of study will be offered intersectorally. The requirements of the new premises have been clearly formulated: ‘safe and familiar educational surroundings which balance head, heart and hands.’ In addition to the courses of pre-vocational secondary education, the school accommodates a special education centre which facilitates students’ with disabilities continued participation in mainstream secondary education in a supportive and caring environment.

We have converted this educational vision into a new suitable compact building concept designed around several community squares. The design of a semi-circle with a convex exterior and concave interior gives the building a distinct identity and perfectly matches the educational view.

Both the City of Groningen and the Augustinus College have shown their ambition and were confident that this “Sustainable school on a green campus” on the education boulevard will serve its societal and education role for years to come.

The benefits of clever design choices are now being felt and reduce burden during the service life of the building.

Design in collaboration with SP Architecten.
Photography: Mark Sekuur Prima Focus.