Eiland8Architecten | “De Kariboe” Heemskerk

“De Kariboe” Heemskerk

De Kariboe in Heemskerk, a classic example of durability, is a new building, premises built on behalf of an existing, community-centred primary school.

“Durability means behaviour: associating economically and respectfully with other people and the environment” (Henk Schweitzer, Headmaster De Kariboe)

This school has “Sustainability” at its ethical foundation, by which collectively using the area and a healthy learning environment are the most important starting points for the design.Both the simple design and stacked structures enable a flexible layout and the use of the common area, and more space around the school for planting to create a green and natural playground. Such a theme of sustainability is reflected in people’s interactions with the environment in various ways and the reason that this school also served as a model project in a broadcast on durability by the Dutch news for young people.

Design in collaboration with SP Architecten.
Photography: Studio de Nooyer.