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Vuurboetsduin Hoofddorp

A private collective commission to extend various dwellings on eiland 8 Floriande, Hoofddorp represented the start of our architectural firm. The dwellings, designed by Heren 5 Architecten bv BNA, are characterized by the use of materials like slate, large canopies and a floor-to-ceiling glass facade.

We increased the floor area and created a separate space for the firm, after which a number of neighbours joined in on the collective private development. We have respected the existing architectural starting points. In spite of this commitment to continuity with the original design, we have achieved a rich architectural harmony over the development. Such harmony in diversity was achieved by choices made throughout the entire project. The rooftop unit means that an office space at home is realised, as required by Eiland 8 Architecten

Design in association with Heren 5 Architecten.
Photography: Studio de Nooyer, Bauke Jellema van der Meij.


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